When in the course of human events it becomes necessary...
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Last Updated:
October 26, 2021
LFTR was tested and ready to go 50 years ago. All those "crazy" visions of an amazing future were real back in the 1950s. It wasn't a pipe dream.

This video is 6.5 hours long, but it's worth watching at least 15 times.


Energy is the gateway resource to all other resources. Gathering, harvesting, extracting, smelting, processing, manufacturing... Everything requires energy. Strangle the energy supply, strangle everything. Whoever has that strangle-hold has power and control of everything. Muh green energy is not about saving muh environment from coal and oil... It's about trading one strangler for another.

Neither fossil or Green is anywhere near sufficient.

It's a matter of swappping the garotte to new hands.

Whose? Hmm...

Electric cars help by being much more efficient with the energy they use, but it's not the solution.

I've never seen it from the "be green" faggot perspective. I see it as strategic.

...so do the people who hate it.

Sunlight literally falls from the sky. If I can live off of that energy instead of depending on a supplier, good! Independence! I don't care about ROI on it. Freedom and independence are priceless. How many wars have been fought for it? How many have died so that the children of strangers may know the freedom they never had? That's the value of Freedom and Independence, yet you allow fake spreadsheets to hold you back?

But, of course, this is why all the "technology" in solr is older than I am. Make it crappy and expensive so it getss a bad reputation... Criminalize anything modern.

Thorium is similar. Unlike oil and coal, Thorium is everywhere, and fairly evenly distributed. It's considered a contaminat in mining operations. Island nations would benefit the most. They just filter it from the ocean water.

That's the problem... It's everywhere. No one would need the energy cartels anymore. The cartels don't like that idea.

A Thorium reactor is more like an alchemy engine. You'd give the energy away for free just to get the cool stuff out of it that's never existed before. Build them on much smaller scale, get rid of the energy grid. Muh crumbling infrastructure? You won't need it anymore. Let it crumble..

Just like sunlight, they can't strangle Thorium's supply. That's why both the Green Fags and the Fossil Fags hate it.

The 1950s weren't perfect, but they were by far the brightest spot in history. We could have gone up from there, but we were sabotaged.

Today, most people are still brainwashed against LFTR. Talk to pretty much anyone and they spout nothing but ridiculous lies about nuclear.

Humans demand their own destruction, then complain about it.

Last Updated:
October 26, 2021
I'm really starting to doubt why I bother doing this.

10 years ago there was a spirit of defiance. We the People were willing to fight.

Now... In spite of the noise, most people are dead inside. They hapilly comply with whatever insanity this evil government throws at them.

They know the bank is evil, but they use it anyway. They used to send cash in the mail, but now they're too scared. Used to get dozens of emails a day, 30 to 50 orders a day... Now, most people don't even know what they're looking at. The questions I get confuse me and I'm not even sure how to respond.

What happened to people? How'd they get this weak, cowardly, and dumb? Just 5 years ago it wasn't like this.

Lets go Brandon?

Back the Blue?

I don't see it.

Talk to some of these people. Have a real conversation with them. If you can... Their minds are so warped. They want to defy by joining in. More government will solve the too much government problem. We're going to rape our way to virginity! Slam the revolving door! Taste the number purple!

It doesn't make any sense. Insanity has become normal.

I think the most demoralizing aspect is knowing that the people "on my own team" are like this...

Lets beg the government for our freedom.

Lets buy everything from China while complaining about the fact that everything comes from China. Even the labels aren't made here: "Hecho en Chine."

Lets use Amazon while complaining about Bezos.

Muh modern world isn't the problem. I love technology. I just hate how everyone has accepted it being weaponized. Did the worlkd not exist before this stuff? The level of laziness and cluelessness is astounding. It's not the technology that is the problem. It's the laziness that has grown to the point that they can't survive without it.

All these fat, coddled children in adult bodies... They invited Fascist Socialsm while complaining about it. They demanded Communism, and the more it grew and destroyed, they pointed the finger at the Capitalism that hasn't existed for 70 years...

It's total reality inversion, and if you're the one person left that isn't insane, you're screwed...

Reality inversion is satan's game. Take what's real and good and natural, turn it upside-down and inside-out. Twist it. Pervert it. Corrupt it.

I've been quiet about my faith for a long time. It did no good to talk about it. I don't like to virtue signal. "Ooo, look at me, I'm a Godboi." Gross. I loathe people who play that game. Also, I don't think I'm a very good example. Worse, most churches are false churches. I quit attending in the late 80s, early 90s. I don't blame the younger generation for turning away from it, because it's all fake. I hate the false church, too. If all I knew was the false teachings I've seen fo the last 30 years... I'd reject "christianity" too. Lies inside of lies inside of lies. IT's not Christianity that they reject, but how will they know?

I have a cool templar cross t-shirt. I've only worn it once because I don't thnk I deserve it.

Who lights a lamp only to hide it?
Who flaunts their faith for clout?

Both topics are spoken of by Christ Himself. It's hard to know when each applies when you live in Clown World.

Even the most stanuch anti-theists can't deny the evil now.

If you deny God exists, then you deny satan exists.

If you deny the enemy exists, you can't win.

When I stray from the path, it's never been temptation or confusion. It's been desperation. God is gone. I flail in the darkness for anything... I don't blame Him. Look around. I find everyone and everything revolting, He must, too... I have contempot for the degenerates, but even more for the moral cowards who refuse to stand up.

I've tried to force myself to embrace the sickness, but I can't do it. I just can't be the shitbag a person has to be to make it. I am the opposite of what the world has become. It's just what I am. Degeneracy is the universal pre-requisite for survival in satan's Clown World. So, I won't survive.

He isn't going to save us, and We the People are too stupid and lazy to save themselves. Even the few who are willing are unable. We keep losing by forfeit. No one shows up for the fight...

Last Updated:
October 25, 2021
We occasioanlly get emails from people who are cranky that sound something like this: "Why haven't you responded to me? I've emailed you 24582472 times and you ignored me. How do you expect anyone to trust you if blah blah blah..."

We respond to every email we actually get. But, we often don't get emails. Recognize the state of the Internet right now. Wokefags are everywhere. Infrastructure is being taregeted and sabotaged. We're at the forefront of it. We were cancelled, banned, targeted for deplatforming and a lot worse, way before anyone wanted to recognize that this shit was happening. Nobody believed us. We were banned from facebook a decade ago. We were being persecuted before it was cool...

The point is; yes, we do respond to emails. Usually within minutes, if we're awake and not working on anti-communism stuff.

Maybe we never got it. It may be our response that never gets back to you. Email isn't very reliable right now.

This is a major reason why I'm working on our own in-house encrypted messaging system. No emails being monitored. If you use tor, no evidence that you even had a conversation with us.

This shit is hard. The last time I did any serious coding was back in the late 1980s and early 1990s. It's been a while! I'm working on it. I can't trust anyone. I can't bring in any help. I can't hire a guy. I have to do it 100% by myself.

We're on the same team. I'm not ignoring you. Double-check that you're spelling it right. Just make extra sure. A lot of people misspell our domain name. It's Eward, not Edward.

We're still in disarray right now. We're making progress every day. We need cash influx right now because they stole nearly everything we had ($23,500,000.00 since 2017). We're very fucked. Since I don't take donations, the only way I can have a cash influx is if I get stuff online to sell. I'm working on it.

Last Updated:
October 22, 2021
Every time I rise up, I get more knives in my back from the the very same people who say "This stops when we all rise up."

DemonRats run amok because the BoomerPubliTard Fudds do nothing but trip their friends as they run from the zombies.

Now that they're running low on friends, they hurl insults at the half-eaten bodies...


I won't have to live in the hell that's coming, because I'll be one of the first to die.

You'll mock me. You'll call me crazy. Just like you always have.

Then years later, you'll deny the warnings and claim to have had an epiphany... That crazy guy was right all along, but you'll never admit it. It was all you. There were no signs. There were no warnings. It's all a shiny new thing that just happened right now...

I don't need acknowledgement. You do. This isn't about me. Nice try, you slimy weasel.

You can't do what's right until you admit you were wrong. Which you will never do because you're arrogant as all fuck.

Forgiveness requires repentance. But, this isn't even about forgiveness. You have to turn away and reject what is wrong or you cannot begin to do what is right. You cannot sit downa nd stand up at the same time. You cannot slam a revolving door. You cannot taste the number purple. As long as you insist upon insanity, you can't win.

You won't even acknowledge that you were wrong.

You can't win.

I won't have to live in it.

You continue to conflate/confuse cowardice and wisdom.

"I did the smart thing."

"Don't say anything stupid."

Last Updated:
October 22, 2021

They have to keep this rhetoric going to gurantee you'll never make a move. You're too afraid to be called a name...

If you were real Americans, he'd be dead already.

The Founders are embarassed of what cowardly scum you are.

America has not been lost.

It has been thrown away.

You're going to prove himn wrong! By allowing the nation top be overthrown by communists in a fake election...

"Well oh yeah! I'm going to be super non-violenmt! I'm not going to do a damn thing! HA! That'll show 'em!"

"Look what a good loser I am, I let the country be overrun with invaders!"

"Who cares if my children and grandchildren live in the worst hell-on-Earth, ever? I've got a Big Mac in one hand, the TV remote in the other, and I'm too fat to get off the couch anyway... Oh, and I don't have to worry about kids, mine were all aborted!"

Yeah, you really showed them...

I hate it, but America deserves to be destroyed...

Most people are familiar with Isaiah 5:20 in some form or another. Even if they don't know it's a Bible verse.

But, who is familair with the rest of the chapter?

You should read it

I really wish it were true... But, God seems to keep rewarding the wicked...

Yes. I doubt. I will not lie about it. He has not just abandoned us, but turned His wrath upon us.

...and He has a very, very long list of very good reasons for doing so.

Last Updated:
October 21, 2021
Slimy Weasel: "You cuss and claim to be a Christian. How's that work?"
Me: "I never said that."
Slimy Weaesel: "You're not a Christian?"
Me: "I try to be."
Slimy Weasel: "What's that mean?"
Me: "I can explain it to you. I can't understand it for you."
Slimy Weasel: "You still cuss tho."
Me: "The oldest Ad Hominem goes hand-in-hand with the oldest profession."
Slimy Weasel: "...did you just call me a whore?"
Me: "No. I called you a lying whore."

Last Updated:
October 20, 2021
All government is inherently communist. It's only a matter of degree.


All government is inherently anti-humanity. It's only a matter of degree.


Why be anti-humanity?

Nobody "misunderstands" socialism, communistm, fascism, or command economy, etc. anymore. We all know it's bad and causes nothing but torment and death. So, knowing this to be true (and there is no such thing as a person who doesn't know this is true), why would anyone want to do it?

We all know it's a weapon of suffering and misery.

The self-enrichment of those who do it is merely a byproduct. They have so much money that more makes no difference to them, economically. They gain nothing. ∞ + 1 = ∞.

But, taking it from you... That's torment. They value torment above all else.

What value has torment?

More importantly; who values torment? Why?

Satan wants you weak. God does not.
Satan wants to torment you. God does not.
Satan wants you helpless. God does not.
Satan wants to enslave you. God does not.

"Why are you bringing religion into this."

The fact that you call it "religion" proves you don't understand your own words. Your choice of words betrays your thoughts.

You are a soul. Your body is merely w vessel. As long as you deny this, evil will win. You can't win a fight that you refuse to admit even exists.

Government (socialism, collectivism, authoritarianism, fascism, command economy, etc...) is merely the sword. Satan is the one who wields it.


Bad things happen without government.

Bad things happen far more, and they're far worse, with government.

The evils of govenrment are far, far worse than the evils of it's absence.

Freedom is always the right choice.

Destroying the govenrment is always the right choice.

Abolishing the hit squads is always the right choice.

Government is a satanic cult. Police are it's army.

Police are the army of satan. Built out of lies and fear.

It should be a red flag. What good thing is made of lies and fear?

Last Updated:
October 20, 2021
Pay attention you assholes.

I'm not a leftist. I am a cop-hater. Guys like Lehto only think it through far enough to suit their agenda.

There is no such thing as a good cop because there is no such thing as good murder.

Police were invented by corrupt judges who could no longer muster a posse from the public. Nobody trusted them and nobody would help them do their dirty deeds.

We call that "Checks and balances working as intended." The judges became ineffective lame ducks because they were dirty.

But, the dirty judges couldn't have that. So, they invented their own personal army with zero right or authority to do so.

...then they granted that army Carte Blanche.

You notice Qualified Immunity sounds a lot like Sovereign Immunity?

This is the antithesis of America. You can't get more "treason and sedition" than this.

The royalty can't be touched. Fuck you, peasant.

After all that has happened. The decades of evidence... If you still "back the blue," you hate America. You may as well be Xi Jinping. You both want the same thing.

Every time the checks and balanced work exactly as intended, the corrupt judges destroy those checks and balances. Who brings the cases? Who is the tip of the spear upon which we find this once great Republic impaled? Police. The fuckin' commie pigs.

If police didn't exist, that wouldn't be possible.

But, cops don't care. They're hormonal animals that get off on attacking anyone they want and getting away with it. Nothing else matters. Most of them aren't capable of elevated intellect. All they care about is satisfying their predatory degeneracy. The consequences of this do not cross their minds. It can't cross their minds. It's too complicated for a dumb animal in a man's body. Ever try to teach math to a cat? It's just not going to happen. I don't necessarily hold it against them. They're too stupid. It's sad... We're gonna have to put 'em down. I don't look forward to it. I don't like it. They're just too fucking stupid and brainwashed to their evil cult to be trusted. the courts who created the problem very deliberately, are never going to solve the problem. Their desire and objective is to destroy America. It's working. Why would they stop? The cops are just the pawns who don't know any better, but they do the damage none-the-less.

It's Pavlovian. Dirty cops are rewarded. Good cops are fired.

The engineer's solution. The smart person's solution: You can't have a problem with defective judges and cops, if you get rid of the cops. The system worked perfectly when there were no cops. That's how it was designed. The cops are what broke it. Get rid of them. "We added this monkey wrench to the machine and it quit working. Maybe we should remove the monkey wrench?" Is this so hard to understand?

We're Americans, right? Can't we take care of ourselves? Don't we have brains, balls, and guns? Do we not eat red meat and stand for what's good and right anymore? Is everyone a coward and weakling?

Cops breed and cultivate a massive criminal element for job security. Without cops guarding their human zoo and gheto breeding grounds; Feeding them welfare to make more trash... We'd just kill the criminals. Problem solved. Nice and cheap.

This is how things used to be done. As a result, we had a peaceful, free society.

The judicial branch and it's army or hormonal psychos have destroyed this.

Not only is QI a fake doctrine made up out of thin air, so are the police themselves.

We don't need them. We are much better off without them. Common sense and history prove it.

They don't want to get a real job. They like communist workfare. They will gladly kill you for talking about it.

Just because an evil judge is encouraging you to do evil shit with positive reinforcement and a guarantee you'll get away with it no matter what; does not mean you should do it.

Why is being sane and normal an unbearable taboo?

Last Updated:
October 19, 2021
I've made more progress on coding front than I expected. It's been brutal, but it's happened. I've been forging ahead on that front so well that I've neglected a lot o other things...

Need to get some presentation going.

I really wanted to sell the 1.5in Toobz as a kit, but there's just too many permutations and options. It's frustrating for me because I want my customers to have maximum flexibility, but I also know how stupid people have become. They get confused by the simplest of things and just walk away. I realize why so many businesses force their customers to do dumb things or use marketing lies to trick them. If I refuse to be "that guy" too, who will do business with me? No one.

5 years ago, we couldn't stop the mailed-in cash orders. We got 30 to 50 a day. Now everyone is terrified of the idea.

We've been doing it for over 11 years, yet no one knows who we are anymore.

...and the Chinese shell companies selling in the USA... There's one company in particular in kommiefornia following the exact same model that the Chinese used to take over SE Asia. When I was living in thailand I saw it all first hand. A few locals get to make a small profit and call themselves the "owners" of the business. They virtue signal hard about "muh military" and "muh police" and the BoomerPubliTards fall hard for it. But, it's juat a Chinese shell company. Everything they sell comes straight off the boat from China and into your mailbox. The "owners" get to pocket 30 pieces of silver. I saw this happening wholesale in Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam, Malasyia, Indonesia, Laos... Those countries have virtuially zero say in thir own existence, but the fake patriotism is strong among the mostly clueless population. China completely owns those countries. They're not just shell companies anymore. They're shell countries.

I saw the trainloads of product shipping in with no origin paperwork. They forklift/pallet jack everything in one side of the "warehouse," slap "Made in Thailand" or "Product of Laos" balels on everything, print the papers, and then forklift/pallet jack out the other side of the warehouse onto trucks or another train. Nothing actually gets stored in the "warehouse." It doesn't even stop, or slow down as they slap the papers on it. Then it heads to the ports. The government makes a big show of the few things that actually are made in the country, and everyone assumes thata's how it works. It absolutely does not. Virtually nothing that says it's made in those countries actually is made in those countries. I saw it with my own eyes. You can't gaslight me.

I even got burned by it once. Back in the early days, I farmed out some overload to waht looked like an American job shop. Eventually, they missed inspecting a shipment for paperwork. I found the Chinese import documentationa nd Chinese QC data. All this "American" company was doing is re-contrating the work to China. Sadly, there was a hint I should have caught... The quality. The Chinese stuff was spectacular. Far better than any American job shiop I'd ever used. And they were providing finished product for 70% below the cost of raw material.

Our own government is strangling us to death with regulations that do not exist in the most notorious communist nation to ever exist. think about it. Who are the real communists?

I think the most demoralizing part is how many people on "our team" are so utterly clueless to what's going on, and play right into the enemy's hands...

Amazon is nothing mroe than Alibaba America. How many of you "red-blooded consertavie Americans" juat can't stop giving Bezos his 30 peices of silver? Sue Origin can't even get to orbit. It just barely, technically crosses the Karman line. Bezos is so butthurt because he wanted to play the Boeing/Raytheon game. He wanted to be the next "government contract" grifter. He didn't want to actually accomplish anything. He just wanted those sweet overbudget, overdeadline contracts that dump your tax theft straight into his bank account. Just another anti-american piece of shit robbing you blind. But, will you assholes stop using Amazon? Nope. Just like you won't stop using YouTube, or Facebook, or Walmart...

You won't even tell the truth about the common cold. It's been taught in high-school biology class since the 1950s. Coronavirus is the common cold. There's no test. The flu shot doesn't work. Face diapers have no impact. Even if you could "slow the spread," you'd only make it worse by doing so. Did everyone flunk out? Both sides are liars. Any time a DemonRat takes credit for the vax, a chorus of RepubliTard useful idiots shouts "NUH UH!! TRUMP MADE IT!!!" As if that's a fucking good thing!?!? Holy shit, I live in a nation of retards and evil degenerates. Everyone is fucking stupid...

They're the same fools who still "back the blue." Read some damn history already, you idiots... Police love communism. Where do you think their paychecks come from? No one hates America more than Police. Aren't we Americans? Can't we take care of ourselves? Why do the police guard the criminals and beed them to massive proportions, and only punish us for daring to protect ourselves? What kind of weak, pissified, cowad excuse for an American needs Big Brother to take care of him? What a bunch of brainless pussies. We simply do not have a use for cops. LEt the criminals run rampant for a while. get out of our way you asshole cops. We'lll kill them all, burn their bodies in a giant pile on the ourkirts of town, and that horrific spectacle will be a deterrant. But, no... We're "civilized." So, we destroy ourselves with ever more bloated, vioplent, psychopathic government enforcers... Fucking stupid. We just don't need cops.

Conservatives are full of shit. They've conserved nothing. Most self-professed "conservative patriot" voters are anytihng but, and are too stupid and brainwashed to realize it.

There truly is not hope.

Last Updated:
October 19, 2021
Think of the extreme levels of privilege, arrogance and narcissism it takes to believe that the entire universe exists merely to arrange itself around you and your "comfort level."

We're one baby step away from 95% of the population being The Red Queen...

Grab that phone and dial 911! The Royal Guard will cut off his head for impinging on your "comfort level."

...of course it's all a lie. Claiming to have "feelings" (be it comfort level, feeling threatened, scared, etc...) cannot be refuted. You can lie about "feeling" anything, and use it as an ecuse to have the government/HR kill/fire whoever you point a finger at. They're just crybullies who want a political opponent destroyed.

Toxic Masculinuty.


"I feel threatened" that someone better than me exists.

"I feel judged" by someone who has morals, becasue I have none.

"I'm scared" becasue that white man is not begging forgiveneness for being born.

If you refuse to bow down and obey the trash, you will lose because the trash outnumber the decent 200:1.

Destroy all that excells because the inferior "feel" inferior. Of course you "feel" inferior, you are inferior. These feelings are supposed to motivate you to self-improvement. Just like feeling shame when you're obese or a slut. Bad feelings exist to discourage bad behavior. It's built in. It is unnatural to deny it.

Now, we've not only done away with it; we encourage degeneracy. Virtue is persecuted because degenerates "feel bad."

Math is sexist and racist...

Common-sens eis evilbad "whitenesss."

...and the Simps/White Knigts of the corrupt, commie government/corporation are more than willing to oblige.

the race to the bottom has never been faster...

The minor, naturally resulting sociopathy brought about by decades of abuse and persecution at the hands of evil people like that... That is what we must destroy. Anyone who's still normal must be destroyed. Only the weak, cowardly and stupid can be allowed to survive.

Fuck your Oxford comma. No.

Karens and Darens are the new normal. Extreme mental schismatism is the new normal. If you're not as fucked up as everyone else is, then you're the weirdo. This was true back in the 1990s... It's orders of magnitude worse today.

Shit, did I just assume their genders by specifying gendered names?

I'm such a dick; I'd probably assume their pronouns, too...

Every collapsing society goes insane and destroys it's few remaining sane members during it's death spiral. It's all happened before. It's happening again.

History is similar to a broken record. It doesn't doesn't repeat perfectly, but it sure rhymes.

Why is it that people never learn fom the best teachers, but do learn from the insidious liars?

Evil perfects its plans with every loop. Learning from it's mistakes, getting closer to it's goal.

No matter how obvious and tru it is, I'm called crazy and stupid, and the fools who pursue self-annihilation are the "smart" ones...

The human race deserves the hell it brings upon itself. I have no pity. Fuck 'em.

There aren't very many people in the 99th percentile. Their voice is never heard.

The mob of midwits keeps dragging us back into the flames...

Last Updated:
October 18, 2021
Holy ass the Internet is fucking worthless now.

I spent 2 solid weeks trying to build a cellular router out of an old odroid-XU4 w/ ArchLinuxArm... Oh, go on, search the Internet for so-called "information." It's all trash. Incompetence, stupidity, can't do werdz, and flat-out, deliberate misleading bullshit.

"You can learn anything on the Internet!" Lols! Maybe 20 years ago. Fucking forget it now...

I miss the early days when retards and trash couldn't figure out how to get online and muck up the place...

But, I eventually triumphed. XU4 autoconnects wlan0 to the cell phone and pulls DHCP. Static eth0.

DNS relay, check.
DHCP server, check.
Gateway is NAT routing, check.

Cellular amp gives us 500% more uplink speed than we had on Windstream Wokestream Suckstream. Multiple NAT translations, which is not ideal and adds latency, but it works. Oh, and it costs less than half as much.

I thought these cell phone amps were a gimmick. This thing works amazingly well. I'm not sure how well the antenna is going to hold up in weather. Wet coax basically stops carrying signal. We normally get 0 to 1 "bars" of signal out here. With the amp and the yagi, we get a solid 5 that rarely drops to 4. I'm impressed. I did not expect it would work so well.

I super, mega wish that Artix had an ARM branch... I hate systemd. Eh, I hate ARM, too, but it's what we've got. RISC-V can't get here soon enough. I hadn't been forced to use systemd in about 2 years, since I switched to Artix. Being forced to use it again was torturous and infuriating. I have no idea why people put up with that horrible garbage.

But, all the hard/ugly shit is done now.

Suckstream can eat a family-sized bag of dicks.

"If you're good at something, never do it for free." - The Joker

dustin dot e at eward research dot com

It's official. Suckstream does not have a monopoly over me anymore. I don't have to put up with their fascist socialist woke shit ever again. Neither do you.

Last Updated:
October 17, 2021
"After the first one, the rest are free." - Henry Bowman

Last Updated:
October 17, 2021
Staying silent doesn't fix the problem.

Put your John Hancock on it and be ready to kill/die fighting the traitors.

Until you take that stand, you are nothing but another backstabbing coward.

I know I will die. I've been slandedred and mocked by cowards my whole life. The lies will continue after they kill me.

A nation of evil on one side, cowards on the other.

Last Updated:
October 17, 2021
I am not backing down. You cannot sleep with a rabid dog. You can't make friends with evil, and cowards can't be trusted, either. Tolerance of moral bankruptcy is not a virtue.

I am alone and I know it. I will die for taking this stand, and I know it. The evil ones hate me for directly opposing them. The cowards hate me because my mere existence proves what worthless shit they are. They all hate me. I have no allies and I know it. None deserve my sacrifice.

Lets get this ultimate stupidity over with. I hate suspense and drama. All these pointless words that fall on deaf ears. Ever try to explain math to a cat? I know every word I speak is a pointless waste of time and energy. I foolishly try to make a difference, but I know I'm only casting pearls before swine. Let the righteous pandemonium begin.

Last Updated:
October 17, 2021
From 2017 to 2020, by various regulatory frauds and chicaneries, they stole over $23,500,000.00 from me. Do you know how many pounds of flesh that is? Me neither; it's time to find out.

Last Updated:
October 17, 2021
Idiots: "OMG! What if someone, like, uses your dangerous, scary, aggressive products to, I don't know, like, maybe, kill the president or something?"

Me: "I would be humbled by such a privilege."

Last Updated:
October 17, 2021
Our own government, from the meter maid to the commander-in-cheat, are all traitors and terrorists who have been destroying and subverting this once great nation from the inside, for longer than I've been alive. McCarthy was right.

It is our birthright as Americans to kill every last motherfucking one of them. That's how this country was created, and it will take no less to defend and restore it. If you don't have what it takes to do that, then the nation is already lost. Your children will grow up in hell ... if they grow up.

I've been fighting this fight since I was 9 years old. I've gotten nothing but slander and betrayal for it. I've got nothing left to lose. Fuck around and find out, you satanic, communist pieces of shit. Your reign of terror ends now. When people fear government, there is tyranny. When government fears the people, there is freedom. At it's root, America is about making the government live in fear, and it's high-fucking-time we restore that tradition. They terrorize us, and then call us the terrorists... Fuck this. No more.

After the first one, the rest are free.

I know I won't survive this fight, but that doesn't mean I won't win. Holy double-negatives, Batman! It is our sacred duty as Americans, as Christians, as gun-owners, to make this battle so bloody, that even though we are certain to lose, they dare not call it a victory. Only a fool looks forward to violence, but a righteous soul always craves justice. When the two become the same, it's a tragedy, but it still must be done and we, or at least I, will not shrink from it. Let the pandemonium begin. The only way out is through. I know I won't make it to the other side. It doesn't matter. Death is an upgrade from this living hell. No matter how it ends, as long as it ends.

On one side, I have the most insidious evil that has ever existied (democrats). On the other, I have weak, stupid, backstabbing cowards (republicans). Then there's me, and maybe a dozen others in the whole country, stuck in the middle.

I think I hate the republicans the most. I used to be one of them. I thought they were the good guys. They used to be. Decades ago. Not anymore.

..and the "back the blue" faction... Holy shit, can you get any more brainwashed and stupid? These useful idiots play right into the communist's hands. It's Stockholm Syndrome on steroids. Fucking insanity. No one hates America more than the police. They are the tip of the spear that has impaled this nation through the heart. Without police, none of the evil we now live in would ever have been possible. Police defend and protect the criminals. Without police, decent people like me would have killed the traitors long before everything got this bad. Police made this hell possible. Police serve the synagogue of satan above all else.

Oh, and just to confuse you stupid, brainwshed fake patriots and make your feeble minds ask "Who's side are you on?" Derek Chauvin did nothing wrong. I'm not a brainless Lord of the Flies tribalist. The only side I choose is the side of truth and decency. I'm sorry you have such a hard time figuring that out. When George Floyd comitted suicide by overdosing on fentanyl, the world became a better place. I'm glad he's dead.

I hate the police (and the satanic cult of so-called "law enforcement" as a whole), yes. But, I am not a raging, blind fool. Hate is not a decision maker. You shitbag republicans may be hopped-up on developmentally stunted hormones and immature, uncontrollable feelings, but, I am not. Shut your damn mouth you stupid pieces of shit. It's the epitome of ironies that you call anyone a snowflake. No one exemplifies that epithet better than you do.

I've probably pissed off a lot of people with these words. All I've done is speak the truth. If the truth offends you; you're a degenerate.

Last Updated:
October 17, 2021
I'm working on an in-house, self-hosted encrypted messaging system with a built-in self-destruct. Oof, so many hyphenates. In-house cryptocurrency payments, and a few smaller things. Very stripped down. No bloat. No middle-men. No mounds of untrustworthy spaghetti logic. Naked. Fast. Secure.

Last Updated:
October 17, 2021
It may be hopeless, but fighting evil is never the wrong decision.

When you allow fear/cowardice to become wisdom, you've already lost. The only way to maintain a dignified illusion, is to backstab. My so-called "Fellow Americans," the 97%. The fake conservatives. The fake republicans. The fake men. The fake christians. The fake gun owners. They've been backstabing cowards for deacdes... All that is necessarry for the triumph of evil, is that good men do nothing. And nothing they did! Spectactularly! They were so dedicated to making sure no one would oppose evil, that they went out of their way to destroy any decent person who took a stand. I'm not doing it for them. Fuck them. I hate them with perfect hatred.

I'm doing it for the 3%. I'm doing this for the next generation that DemonRats and RepubliTards have condemned to hell on Earth. This is the seed who's shade I will never know. It's not much, but it's what I can do. It'll probably be burned as a sapling, or never sprout because the soil is barren thanks to so many cowards who claim to be patriots, yet do nothing... To say it in a manner far more pleasnt than you deserve for having sat on your thumbs for 73 years as the greatest nation on Earth was destroyed; "...may posterity forget that ye were [my] countrymen."

Even if I wanted to, I can't do it for myself. They finally got me. I'm a dead man walking. What the satanic, communist traitors (DemonRats) and backstabbing "patriotic" cowards (RepubliTards) did to me is terminal. If anything good comes of this crusty old man's feeble drop in the bucket, he won't live to see it.

You don't pay me for my benefit. There is no amount of money that can benefit me now. You pay me so I can do this for the next guy.

I have nothing left to lose. They stole everything. I'm trapped in here with them now. Or, maybe, they're trapped in here with me? All I want to do is kill these fucking traitors...

Last Updated:
October 17, 2021
I regret to inform you that I have not yet resurrected the venerable spacer.gif.

Last Updated:
October 17, 2021
I'm just getting started with this new website. I don't even know if I can do it. But, I'm pulling out the old, rusty parts of my brain from when I used to code back in the 80s and 90s.

I never got to be a part of the tech industry I was drawn to, because it was communist from it's birth and I was excluded. The coding landscape is a wasteland of stupid woke garbage now, so it's not easy to dig up useful, accurate information anymore. Documentation is utter crap, if it even exists. It's slow going. It used to be so easy to learn anything you wanted on the Internet. Not anymore. It's a complete shitshow now. I digress...

UPDATE: Aparently, I'm making some progress...

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