When in the course of human events it becomes necessary...
how to buyhomevideosadapters1.5in toobz4003handlebars

...under construction...

...waiting for Greg to make the lists...

While most people only work with the most common
threads, I make a point of producing oddball stuff.

I lose my ass on it, but I want to make sure
everyone is covered, no matter what they've got.

I don't have everything, but I've got quite a lot of weird threads.

If you don't see the thread type you need listed here, just
email us. We might have it in an old dusty box somewhere.

We can custom cut threads on our muzzle brakes. Anything 16mm or smaller
Major Diameter (this includes 5/8in), we can almost certainly set you up.

This list is nowhere near complete.
We work on this website daily.

S37SA Adapters (13/16-16)
1/2-28 Stainless Steel 13/16-16 AdapterS37SA-1228RH$10.00
5/8-24 Stainless Steel 13/16-16 AdapterS37SA-5824RH$10.00
1/2-20 Stainless Steel 13/16-16 AdapterS37SA-1220RH$10.00

4003SA Adapters (3/4-NPT)
1/2-28RH Parkerized 3/4NPT Adapter4003SA-1228RH$15.00
1/2-36RH Stainless Steel 3/4NPT Adapter4003SA-1236RH$10.00
14x1LH Stainless Steel 3/4NPT Adapter4003SA-141LH$10.00
16x1LH Stainless Steel 3/4NPT Adapter4003SA-161LH$10.00
9/16-24RH Stainless Steel 3/4NPT Adapter4003SA-91624RH$10.00
5/8-32RH Stainless Steel 3/4NPT Adapter4003SA-5832RH$10.00

Muzzle Brakes:

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