When in the course of human events it becomes necessary...
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...under construction...

...waiting for Greg to make the lists...

These are discontinued...
...when they're gone, they're gone.

aluminum 4003-style toobz
5 inch Aluminum 4003-style toob, ~2in. diaAL4003FT-5$20.00
7 inch Aluminum 4003-style toob, ~2in. diaAL4003FT-7$21.00
9 inch Aluminum 4003-style toob, ~2in. diaAL4003FT-9$24.00
12 inch Aluminum 4003-style toob, ~2in. diaAL4003FT-12$27.00

stainless steel 4003-style toobz
8 inch Stainless Steel 4003-style toob, ~2in dia4003FT-8$42.00
10 inch Stainless Steel 4003-style toob, ~2in dia4003FT-10$45.00
12 inch Stainless Steel 4003-style toob, ~2in dia4003FT-12$48.00

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