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3D printable end cap wrench
3D printable transfer punch jig

I originally had these set up as "kits," but I found that too inflexible. What if someone wants to mix and match? What if someone only wants to buy a toob and 2 end caps? It made selling it as a package easier, but it was abusive/coercive towards customers who didn't want the whole thing, or wanted to swap internals around. Sure, this is a little more complicated, but really not that hard to understand.

We discourage direct-thread end caps, unless it's impossible to avoid. Big Brain reasons. I'll explain it at a future date.

You need to pick which type of adapter you want (if you aleady own one, then this part is done).

First, pick the end cap that:

1) matches the adapter-type you have/want,
2) a DHPS end cap.

Next, you choose the length of toob you want

Finally, you fill it up with "things."

If you choose a #6 toob, 6 "things" fit in it. A #9 toob? You guessed it; 9 "things" fit in it. #12 toob? ...if you haven't sorted out how this works yet, your parents are failures.


Items crossed out are out of stock.

Some of these items are in short supply.

end caps for 1.5in toobz
DHPS End Cap, drain hole/plug screw, 10-3215EC-DHPS$30.00
4003 End Cap, 3/4NPT, female15EC-4003$30.00
S37 End Cap, 13/16-16, female15EC-S37$30.00

1.5in toobz
#6 Toob, 4130 DOM, 5.125in long, 1.5in dia, sandblasted-and-Parkerized15TOOB-6$45.00
#9 Toob, 4130 DOM, 7.375in long, 1.5in dia, sandblasted-and-Parkerized15TOOB-9$51.00
#12 Toob, 4130 DOM, 9.625in long, 1.5in dia, sandblasted-and-Parkerized15TOOB-12$57.00

"things" that go inside 1.5in toobz
Aluminum Spool, 6061 Aluminum15SPOOL-6061$9.00
Stainless Spool, 30X Stainless Steel15SPOOL-30X$15.00
#1 Spacer, sandblasted 4130 DOM, occupies the space of 1 "thing."15SPACER-1$9.00
#2 Spacer, sandblasted 4130 DOM, occupies the space of 2 "things."15SPACER-2$9.00
#4 Spacer, sandblasted 4130 DOM, occupies the space of 4 "things."15SPACER-4$9.00

For S37 and 4003SA adapters you must use at least 1x #1 Spacer.

For 4003 Muzzle Brake adapters you must have at least 3 spaces-worth of spacers.
Obtain this spacing in whatever combination you see fit.
You could use 3x #1 Spacers. 1x #1 Spacer and 1x #2 Spacer.
More than 3 may be needed depending on application.
It's not complicated. You can do whatever you want.

You should use at least 1x Stainless Spool.

The more heavy duty your cleaning job is, the more spacers
you should use, and more of your spools should be stainless.

A #6 Toob has room for 6 "things" to fit inside it.
It can be 6x #1 Spacers (pointless).
It can be 3x #2 Spacers (also pointless).
It can be 1x #4 Spacer and 1x #2 Spacer (creative pointlessness).
It can be 1x #1 Spacer, 1x Stainless Spool, and 4x Aluminum Spools (a good light-duty choice).
It can be 1x #1 Spacer, 2x Stainless Spools, and 3x Aluminum Spools (a good light-medium choice).
It can be 1x #2 Spacer, 2x Stainless Spools, and 2x Aluminum Spools. (similar to above)

A #9 Toob has room for 9 "things" to fit inside it.
It can be 1x #2 Spacer, 3x Stainless Spools, and 4x Aluminum Spools (a solid medium-duty choice).
It can be 1x #1 Spacer, 1x #2 Spacer, 4x Stainless Spool, and 2x Aluminum Spools (leaning into heavy-duty).
It can be 2x #2 Spacers, 5x Stainless Spools (heavy-duty territory).

#12 Toob fits 12 "things."

These are just examples. You can do whatever you want. As long as
you stuff it full and don't leave space.

Hopefully, you get the idea.

I'll throw some pictures in here in a bit. For the moment, here are some terrible videos.

The lighting/camera make them look much more greenish than they really are. Much more.

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