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What happened? Why are you here? Why does the website look like this?

We've been cancelled from everything.

Web hosts can't be trusted. Card processors can't be trusted. Banks can't be trusted. Website CMS/eCommerce software and platforms are all corrupted. Everything is compromised.

No one wants to admit it, but pretty much everyone with a website is just putting the saboteurs/extortionists on their payroll and then telling you all is well. It's not. Everything is inflitrated and compromised by woke degenerates.

I've been trying to keep ahead of it for years. I'm not doing it anymore.

I'm out.


I don't know how/if this is going to work out. This website is hosted on the computer in my office. It's going to stay that way because I don't trust anyone. We had to bring it in-house. Anything we build will have to be from scratch. I don't have high hopes, but we're giving it a shot.

dustin dot e at eward research dot com
greg dot e at eward research dot com